Module - Statistical Concepts with Coding


This module helps you learn data science concepts and perform statistical analysis of biological data using R. You will create random datasets, learn about statistical distributions and explore linear regression.

Skills You Acquire

This module teaches you to use R programming language, an essential tool for data science. This open-source platform includes numerous functions for performing simple and complex analyses, and some of these functions come from latest research made freely available by the researchers.

R is also an excellent tool for learning statistics, because you can create random data and visualize their statistical behavior. Visual learning is more intuitive than the textbook approach of algebraic derivation of the same results.


None. Limited to advanced middle schoolers and high schoolers.

Class Style

The classes will be conducted through online interactive chat session.


1. Aug 5-9, 12-16 (4-6PM PST)

2. Aug 19-23, 26-30 (1-3PM PST)


$345 (Bring a friend and earn an additional *shared* 10% discount (5% each person))


Class Description

Sessions Topics
Day 1-2 Learn the basics of the R programming language. Use R to compute the value of pi by throwing darts on a board.
Day 3-4 Use R to perform a coin-tossing experiment and learn about various probability distributions.
Day 5 Create an AT-rich DNA sequence using R (A=40%, T=40%, G=10%, C=10%, genome size=5Mb). How many random proteins of length>100 amino acids do you find?
Day 6-7 Linear regression - In the given excel file, X represents time and Y represents growth of a microbial colony. Use R to fit a straight line between X and Y.
Day 8-10 The given csv file contains measurement data from two sets of patients, among which one group is administered a new medicine. Use R to find whether the new medicine had any effect on the measurement profile.


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