Module - Intermediate Coding for Medicine


In this hands on programming course, you will -

  • use your Python coding skills to explore genome sequences and find important genes,
  • learn how to develop computer algorithms to analyze genomic data,
  • find genes from the human genome,
  • see the big picture of where the new cutting-edge jobs are created for 21st century,
  • have two weeks of fun experience on a challenging and relevant topic !

Skills You Acquire

  • Algorithm development in Python,
  • Use Linux operating system,
  • Software collaborative tool - git,
  • Bioinformatics programs - BLAST, MUSCLE, FastTree,
  • Work with the human genome.


Introductory module or equivalent

Class Style

The classes will be conducted through online interactive chat session.


1. JUNE 21-25, JUNE 28-JULY 2 (10AM-12NOON CST)
2. JULY 19-23, 26-30 (11AM-1PM CST)

(Ten days of two hours each)




Class Description

Sessions Topics
Day 1 Python algorithms to find reverse complement and gene translation.
Day 2 Python library - Biopython. Review - Linux operating system.
Day 3 Finding information from the coronavirus genome.
Day 4 Bioinformatics programs - BLAST, MUSCLE, FastTree.
Day 5 Explore the human genome.
Day 6-10 Problem solving and projects.


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